Day Fifty Seven: Bluer than Blue: Montana (Hot Springs)

Events of Monday, May 11th, blogged Monday, May 18th

WARNING: This blog contains a Grey’s Anatomy spoiler, but that episode aired over three weeks ago, and FaceBook had spoiled me before I got to see it too, so get over it.

Side Note from the Future: I am writing this entry in the Badlands of South Dakota where we are currently experiencing BOTH a Wind Advisory (my favorite) AND a Freeze Advisory. On the 18th of May! This place is hardcore!

So this blog is going to be short and not really all that sweet. I hesitate to even write it, because in hindsight it seems pathetic, and there are no wacky anecdotes or cool photos, but I have committed myself by now to a daily post, and I also want to paint a realistic portrait of the trip. So pardon the glum tone, it was a blah day, but those happen. I woke up lethargic, unmotivated, and in more of a funk than before. I had already been thinking I might borrow the last possible “borrow” day I had from later in the trip and stay a little longer to enjoy the hot springs (and WiFi) and maybe even indulge in the onsite masseuse this tiny little motel had. There was also a larger hotel/spa within walking distance that offered outdoor hot springs pools along with indoor bathing for just five dollars.

FullSizeRender (1126) - Copy

But I had no energy or interest for blog catch-up, spa soaks, or even having my troubles massaged away. It’s a pretty deep funk when even pampering doesn’t interest me.

Not long after breakfast I went back to bed for a nap. This is pretty much the bottom of the barrel as far as “check out my vacation photos” goes.

FullSizeRender (1141) - Copy

The highlight of the day may have been the fact that the cute old refrigerator made REAL ice cubes for my Diet Coke.

FullSizeRender (1142) - Copy

Annie and I snuggled on the couch a lot binge watching Grey’s Anatomy online. #RIPMcDreamy (Smiley photo actually taken “tomorrow” but I had to post something to break up the grimness of this post.)

FullSizeRender (1138) - Copy.         FullSizeRender - Copy (387)

I only mustered up the energy for the briefest of dog walks, despite the warm temperatures and sunny skies. And the town which yesterday had seemed quaint and relaxing, today seemed old and run down and bleak. Even the rock garden and geodesic dome in the back garden were shabby and worn on closer inspection.

FullSizeRender (1131) - Copy          FullSizeRender (1139) - Copy

I think I just had cereal for dinner despite having a real kitchen to cook in.

FullSizeRender (1143) - Copy

Sit on the porch and read? Nope. Too afraid of running into weirdo tightrope dude and don’t have the wherewithal to deal with him

I didn’t even use my personal mineral bath (I had yesterday though). By the end of the day, my lethargy and blahs was compounded by frustration and annoyance with myself for wasting the day: not writing three blogs, not going to the spa, spending money to stay here for those things and then not utilizing them. On that note, we went to bed, with hopes of a better day tomorrow. (Spoiler alert: just so you don’t worry about me TOO much, it will be.)

FullSizeRender - Copy (386)

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